The Department of Defense UXO Program recently launched the new 3Rs Explosives Safety Education Website with enhancements designed for the general public. 

The 3Rs (Recognize, Retreat, Report) Explosives Safety Education Programs new and improved website can be accessed at  The 3Rs Program educates individuals and communities about the potential hazards associated with military munitions and the actions to take should they encounter a military munition to avoid injury.

The redesigned 3Rs website was carefully planned and designed for multiple audiences:

  • Kids and families
  • Military and their families
  • Community, workers
The purpose of the site is to help users navigate quickly to content appropriate for and of interest to them, including outreach materials, videos, and presentations.  One of the measures to improve the reach of the 3Rs Program was to make the website accessible and more interactive on mobile devices. 

The 3Rs Program is a collaborative effort between Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Environment, Safety and Occupational Health (ODASA (ESOH)) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).  The website redesign was as a result of a 2013 programmatic assessment of the 3Rs Program, and was implemented by a team from USA Environmental, CALIBRE Systems, and GSL Solutions. 

UXO Safety SiteThe improved content will assist in promoting the 3Rs website as a valuable resource for the 3Rs Program and allow visitors to easily navigate to information specific to their interest and needs.

"I'm proud the GSL team was a part of this project with USA Envrionmental and CALIBRE" said Michael Gaines, President of GSL Solutions. "As an Army veteran who served in an artillery unit, I'm highly aware of the danger unexploded ordnance poses. Whether you're a soldier who thinks it's cool to show friends munitions, or a child who stumbles on a dud, the impact of an unexploded shell can be devastating. It's vital to make everyone aware of these dangers and the Internet is a perfect tool to educate such a diverse audience."